Spirit, the Family, and the Unconscious in Hegel's Philosophy

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""This original study of the role that family life plays in Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit and Philosophy of Right pays particular attention to Hegel's characterization of the family as an unconscious form of ethical life rooted essentially in affectivity. David V. Ciavatta also looks at Hegel's account of feeling in the ""Anthropology"" section of The Philosophy of Spirit, highlighting the inherently porous nature of the self, and this porosity is shown to be constitutive of the distinctive, unconscious form of intersubjective recognition that forms the core of family bonds. The book provides a rich understanding of the role that family has in one's psychological development with respect not only to other people, but also to the world and one's own identity. Incorporating existential, phenomenological, and psychoanalytic perspectives, Ciavatta offers insightful investigations of many basic Hegelian themes, such as spirit, perception, ethical agency, language, and property ownership.""--BOOK JACKET.