Free Shipping, Buy $15 in the United States

ADLE International Talks in our commitment of education, literacy and advocacy for Affordable Books for All.

Founded in 1998, by APEC Youth Representative, Alex Esguerra the visionary behind Affordable Books for All. Through our vast online portfolios, Affordablebookdeals, Usedbooksworld, ADLE INTL, Affordablebooksonline, ADLE International, Qualitycds, Affordabledvds, Affordableipads, Affordablebookfinds, and Affordablethings we will continue this advocacy and vision by offering "Free Shipping" options for orders of US$15 to $25.

We'll also offer the best brand new books quality whether they are vintage, rare, out of print to the newest and upcoming bestseller new releases. Although the Free Shipping option will be standard economy and media mail, we will try our best to upgrade them as it permits depending on the origin and destination shipping zones of each order.

We will also make "Data Privacy" extremely high on our web stores by ensuring we have the highest security layers in case of breach attempts as well as filter traffic and visitors that we deem intrusive.

Lastly, till this day our personalized customer service still lives by maintaining our "Wants List" options in our stores live searches. Our algorithms on selecting which books to offers will be partially dedicated to customers needs, wants and request.

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