It's Called Work for a Reason!: Your Success Is Your Own Damn Fault

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""Larry Winget hacks through the bad advice given in most business books. Some authors stroke your ego by reinforcing information you already know. Others get you lost in pages of boredom until you have no idea what the book is even about. Some authors exploit the hottest buzzword, without giving you any real idea how to do what must be done. The worst tell cute little parables with messages so trite that we should all be insulted. Here, Winget tells the unvarnished truth about the one key ingredient to success in business: Work! Your success is not up to your boss, your manager, your employees, or the economy. It's up to YOU. Business is never bad, people are just bad at being in business. If that makes you mad, this book is for you.--From publisher description.""--From source other than the Library of CongressThe author presents a blunt assessment of what he finds wrong with today's companies, arguing that poor training, apathy, and substandard customer service is the fault of employees, in a guide that urges modern workers to become results-oriented.