Auto Upholstery & Interiors: A Do-It-Yourself, Basic Guide to Repairing, Replacing or Custo

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Auto Upholstery & Interiors (HPBOOKS 1265) 

Paperback – April 1, 1997

Discusses replacing and repairing automobile upholstery, including carpet, door panels, dashboards, seat upholstery, kick panels, trunks, and steering wheels

This user-friendly guide gives you the knowledge to keep your interior looking like new. You’ll learn how to get professional results from kits you can install in your own garage. 

Automotive upholstery is easy if you know the secrets of how to do professional quality work at home. There is no need to sew or buy an expensive industrial sewing machine because skilled technicians do the sewing for you. Upholstery kits and do-it-yourself products are available for a wide variety of cars and trucks. By doing the installation work yourself, you save money and have the satisfaction of learning a new skill. 

Detailed sections include:
· Painting Interior Parts
· Headliner Replacement
· Carpet Kits
· Door Panels
· Dashboard Restoration
· Seat Kit Installation
· Kick Panels
· Trunk Detailing
· Steering Wheel Repairs and Swaps
· Custom Seat Installation
· Using Dyes
· Simple Upholstery Repairs
· Cleaning and Detailing Tips