US Marine Corps Fighter Squadrons of World War II

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The presence of ""flying leathernecks"" in the Pacific Theater helped lead the United States to victory over the formidable Japanese forces. Dogfighting over the sea and islands, and supporting the amphibious assaults that eventually secured victory over the Japanese in the Pacific, the US Marine Corps' Corsairs, Wildcats and Hellcats proved to be more than just aircraft, becoming icons as World War II progressed. Engaging in combat with Japanese fighters, principally the Zero, and attacking targets on the ground, the aviators' scores mounted and a growing number of US Marine Corps pilots achieved ""ace"" status having downed five or more enemy aircraft. The ""top guns"" included legendary pilots Joe Foss, Greg ""Pappy"" Boyington and John Smith, all of whom were recipients of the prestigious Medal of Honor. This book is a comprehensive guide to the US Marine Corps fighter squadrons and hteir war in the Pacific during World War II.