I Am Spartacus!: Making a Film, Breaking the Blacklist

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Kirk Douglas reveals the drama behind the making of the legendary gladiator film Spartacus. Douglas began producing the movie in the midst of the politically charged era when Hollywood's moguls refused to hire anyone accused of Communist sympathies. In arisky move, Douglas chose Dalton Trumbo, a blacklisted screenwriter, to write Spartacus. Trumbo was one of the men who had gone to prison rather than testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee. The source novel was written by Howard Fast while he too was in jail for defying HUAC. With the future of his young family at stake, Douglas plunged into a tumultuous production. As both producer and star, he faced explosive moments with young director Stanley Kubrick, struggles with a leading lady,and negotiations with giant personalities, Now, at 95, Douglas looks back at his audacious decisions. He made the most expensive film of its era--but more importantly, his moral courage in giving public credit to Trumbo effectively ended the Hollywood blacklist.--From publisher description.