Great American Railroad Stories: 75 Years of Trains Magazine

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Great American Railroad Stories: 75 Years of Trains magazine 

Paperback – November 18, 2014

Paints a historical portrait of railroading history collected from the writers of Trains magazine over the past 75 years, providing an inside look at life in the era of steam trains, passenger trains and working on the railroad. Original.

Great American Railroad Stories gives readers a look at railroading history as presented by the writers of Trains magazine over 75 years. It includes rare, first-hand accounts that give historical insight into riding passenger trains, working on the railroad, and growing up in the era of steam trains. This book also focuses on the finest writing and includes historical photos. It features the writings and reflections of founding editor Al Kalmbach, David Morgan, Lucius Beebe, and other well-known names. All readers will be drawn-in by the many American railroading stories from those who actual lived it.