Geography and the Classical World: Unearthing Historical Geography's Forgotten Past (Tauris Historical Geography)

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In the late eighteenth century, a new subject emerged that was one of the earliest forms of historical geography. It was called ancient geography or classical geography. Geographers, historians and classicists all contributed to its rise, as it flourished in both Britain and America. Yet in the 1920s, as geography took a different turn, the subject began to decline. As a result the story has been omitted from more recent histories of geography and indeed from the classical tradition. William Koelsch's pioneering volume in the Tauris Historical Geography Series is the first full-length work to explore the emergence of the subject, its successes and failures, and to explore its role in the geographical tradition. The author gives equal prominence to the story as it unfolded in both Britain and America. The result is a work of outstanding scholarship that reveals a rich and important part of the geographical and classical tradition that has until now been overlooked.