Enaction: Toward a New Paradigm for Cognitive Science

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Introduction / John Stewart, Olivier Gapenne, Ezequiel Di Paolo -- Foundational issues in enaction as a paradigm for cognitive science : from the origin of life to consciousness and writing / John Stewart -- Horizons for the enactive mind : value, socialinteraction, and play / Ezequiel Di Paolo, Marieke Rohde and Hanneke De Jaegher -- Life and exteriority : the problem of metabolism / Renaud Barbaras -- Development through sensory-motor coordination / Adam Sheya and Linda B. Smith -- Enaction, sense-making and emotion / Giovanna Colombetti -- Thinking in movement / Maxine Sheets-Johnstone -- Kinesthesis and the construction of perceptual objects / Olivier Gapenne -- Directive minds : how dynamics shapes cognition / Andreas Engel -- Neurodynamics and phenomenology in mutual enlightenment : the example of the -- Epileptic aura / Michel Le Van Quyen -- Language and enation / Didier Bottineau -- Enacting infinity : bringing transfinite cardinals into being / Rafael E. Naaez -- The ontological constitution of cognition and the epistemological constitution of -- Cognitive science : phenomenology, enaction and technology / Varonique Havelange -- Embodiment or envatment? reflections on the bodily basis of consciousness / Diego Cosmelli and Evan Thompson -- Towards a phenomenological psychology of the conscious / Benny Shanon -- Enaction, imagination, and insight / Edwin Hutchins.