Class President (MARVIN REDPOST)

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Class President (Marvin Redpost, No. 5) 

Paperback – March 16, 1999

Even though they have all come to school in holey clothes, Marvin and his third grade class manage to impress their surprise visitor--the President of the United States

It's "hole" day at school and all the students are wearing their very worst clothes. And then they learn the president--of the United States--is on his way and no one has time to change!
This chapter book in Newbery Honor-winning and bestselling author Louis Sachar's Marvin Redpost series stars Marvin and...the president of the United States?


The president of the United States is coming to visit Marvin's class. He's even going to answer one question from each kid! Plus the whole thing is going to be on TV. Marvin is nervous. What if someone steals his question? What if he can't speak when it's his turn? Will he look silly in front of the president and everyone watching?


Hilarious and relatable, Marvin Redpost is perfect for kids who love to bond with quirky characters like Junie B. Jones and George Brown, Class Clown.
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