Reimagining Japan: The Quest for a Future That Works

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""Reads L to R, for audience A. The next decade brings promise snd peril for Japan. The collapse of the postwar political order, dominated by the Liberal Democratic Party, has created new space for experimentation and reform at home, even as the rise of Asia's two sleeping giants, China and India, opens new markets for Japanese exports. But Japan's economy remains anemic, afficted by deflation and soaring public debts. Japan's workforce is aging and shrinking. China's rise poses both economic and diplomatic challenges for Japan. But so far, Japan's business and government leaders have been slow to acknowledge the magnitude of Japan's problems, let alone articulate sensible solutions to them. In ""Re-Imagining Japan"", Mckinsey & Company, the worlds top management consulting company, brings together an unprecedented collection of 50 global experts and invites them to take a fresh look at Japan's predicament as it enters 2011""--