The Imitation of Christ in Four Books: A Translation from the Latin (Vintage Spiritual )

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The Imitation of Christ (Revised)

Contributor(s): Kempis, Thomas (Author)


A classic fifteenth-century meditation on the spiritual life features hundreds of inspirational and moral aphorisms that extol the humble lifestyle of Jesus Christ, offering instructions for renouncing worldly vanities in favor of eternal truths. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.

Thought by many to be the most influential of all texts in the Christian tradition, this 15th century meditation on the spiritual life offers a clear and universally accessible expression of Western religious ideals.

Only the Bible has been more influential as a source of Christian devotional reading than The Imitation of Christ. This meditation on the spiritual life has inspired readers from Thomas More and St. Ignatius Loyola to Thomas Merton and Pope John Paul I. Written by the Augustinian monk Thomas a Kempis between 1420 and 1427, it contains clear instructions for renouncing wordly vanities and locating eternal truths. No book has more explicitly and movingly described the Christian ideal: "My son, to the degree that you can leave yourself behind, to that degree will you be able to enter into Me." With a new Preface by Sally Cunneen, author of In Search of Mary: The Woman and the Symbol.
"God is our home but many of us have strayed from our native land. The venerable authors of these Spiritual Classics are expert guides--may we follow their directions home."
--Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: March 24, 1998
Copyright Date: 1998