So Far From Home: Lost and Found in Our Brave New World

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""We live in a time of increasing extremism and polarization, where the distinction between fact and opinion has been lost. Instant electronic interaction has replaced thoughtful human interaction. Organizations are bloated by bureaucracy and meaningless measures. Those working for positive change are exhausted, ill and heart-sick as their good work is ignored, underfunded or attacked. We need to acknowledge that we're lost in a world far different than we hoped for. We need new maps to navigate our brave new world. In Leadership and the New Science, Wheatley provided encouraging maps for how to design organizations based on living systems' capacity for creativity, change and adaptation. But in the 20 years since its publication she's seen that in spite of our best efforts the world that's emerged is on a destructive trajectory that won't be reversed by our working harder, finding new methods, or forming better networks.But Wheatley has not written a book to increase our despair. Quite the contrary. In the same vein as her bestselling book, Perseverance, her intention is to inspire us to move forward with greater resolve and energy, using maps that won't mislead us. One kind of map shows us where we are now--she offers a penetrating critique of popular culture. But a second kind of map invites us to choose a new role for ourselves as warriors for the human spirit. This map helps us develop the skills we need most--insight, bravery, decency, compassion-- to discover our right work and create meaningful lives in this dark time.Profoundly reflective yet down-to earth--rooted in the day-to-day experiences we all share--So Far From Home is both affirming and provoking, calling us to reexamine our expectations and redefine our role for the work ahead. ""--