Friends Forever: How Parents Can Help Their Kids Make and Keep Good Friends

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""The author presents a systematic plan for parents helping kids make and sustain friendships including: *Making time for friends by not overscheduling. *Developing interests that attract friends. Dancing and sports are in; solitary video games out. *Finding friends in the neighborhood. *The potential for a positive role with internet social networking as a way to meet and stay connected -- including instant messsaging, web sites, blogs, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. Addiction can become a problembut the correct and supervised use of internet and social networking is now an essential part of kids' friendship. *Dealing with teasing & bullying. *Learning social and emotional intelligence skills like listening, empathy, compassion, recreational conversation. *Modeling friendships in your own life, at work, in the neighborhood, and at home. *Helping kids deal with and survive stormy friendships. The author's philosophy is that parents can take on the important role as model, advocate, champion, and facilitator, in a highly effective and important way. Kids must have friends, it's essential, and we can help""--