Coherence: The Secret Science of Brilliant Leadership

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""Problems today cannot be solved with yesterday's level of thinking. CEOs fail and leaders burn out because our thinking has not sped up or powered up. Coach and neuroscientist Alan Watkins not only recognizes that leaders have the potential for limitless processing power, but he also shows them how to access it. He takes them back to fundamentals and, quite literally, to the heart of who we are and how we function successfully. Business leaders face challenges every day, each one taking their toll on energy levels and the ability to respond and react positively. Coherence recognizes the key factors that take their toll on a leader's effectiveness and ability to lead and provides the reader with solutions designed to improve physiological factors that impact on core competencies. Including detailed insights from neuroscience, cardiology and medical technology, Watkins identifies which commercial conversations add the most value to a leader and their business immediately, objectively identifying hidden secrets to a leader's success as well as uncovering any obstacles inhibiting performance, from workload to communication""--