Business Statistics: For Contemporary Decision Making

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""Black's latest outstanding pedagogy of Business Statistics includes the use of extra problems called ""Demonstration Problems"" to provide additional insight and explanation to working problems, and presents concepts, topics, formulas, and application in a manner that is palatable to a vast audience and minimizes the use of ""scary"" formulas. Every chapter opens up with a vignette called a ""Decision Dilemma"" about real companies, data, and business issues. Solutions to these dilemmas are presented as a feature called ""Decision Dilemma Solved."" In this edition all cases and ""Decision Dilemmas"" are updated and revised and 1/3 have been replaced for currency. There is also a significant number of additional problems and an extremely competitive collection ofdatabases (containing real data) on: international stock markets, consumer food, international labor, financial, energy, agribusiness, 12-year gasoline, manufacturing, and hospital. ""--