Tokyo Mew Mew A La Mode

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Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode Omnibus (Tokyo Mew Mew Omnibus) 

Paperback – January 14, 2014

Collects the first two volumes of the series that follows Berry Shirayuki, a normal girl who is given super powers after being hit by the mew mew beam.


Berry Shirayuki is a completely normal high school girl—until she's hit by the Mew Mew beam, giving her the powers of both the Amami Black Rabbit and the Andean Mountain Cat! Now Berry has super-hearing, super-speed, and can leap (small) builings in a single bound. But her new super powers come at a price—with their leader Ichigo studying abroad in England, the Mew Mews need Berry's help fighting the remaining chimera terrorizing Tokyo. As if that wasn't bad enough, there's a new gang in town, the Saint Rose Crusaders. They've made it their mission to destroy the Mew Mews, and they're starting with Berry! 

This omnibus edition collects Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode volumes 1 & 2!