The Anger Management: Use the Stop Method to Replace Destructive Responses With Constructive Behavior (The Guilford Self-Help Workbook)

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""Out-of-control anger can destroy relationships, reputations, careers--even your health. But Dr. Robert Nay knows from extensive clinical experience that nearly anyone can learn to manage anger constructively--with enough practice. This systematic workbook builds core anger management skills using interactive exercises that readers can tailor to their own needs. Dr. Nay provides practical tools for identifying anger triggers, recognizing the different faces of anger, replacing aggression with appropriateassertiveness, and defusing conflicts. A wealth of realistic stories and examples invite the reader to ""step in"" and practice the skills discussed until old habits are replaced with more productive new ones. When anger gets in the way of personal goals, this book provides a blueprint for change. Readers can download and print additional copies of the worksheets and forms""--