Holiday Memories to Thank you President and Mrs. Obama

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 Holiday Messages had just been released on November 20, 2017 by publishers, Create space Independent Publishing 

It is memorable book highlighted by  former First Lady Michelle Obama, and concluding with the moving New Year's Eve address entitled "Privilege of My Life". This book is comprised of 9 Thanksgiving addresses, 9 Christmas addresses. 

From 2008-2016 it records the different holiday addresses the Obama's had in literary collection. In this particular book listed on our site, we also shared a you tube video of the final interview of the Obama's, Final Interview

With eight glorious years of a smooth non-controversial presidency starting with the financial crisis President Obama inherited in 2008 one can say "Thank You. Mr. President" with a follow up question, "Can we do it again, Michelle?"

As we count down on ending 2017, memories still haunt some why Hilary lost, is the impeachment now an hearsay as we all get use to the new administration. The Affordable Care is one good news of staying, we still need to see the impact on this new tax reform, as far as the border wall and immigration reform, these are still to happen check back in 2018.

Through this book, depicts the long quests for race equality in America. The Obama certainly made an impact on what minorities can achieved in America. Though, President Obama made a landmark as the first African American President and Hillary Clinton will have a place in the history books as the first woman Presidential candidate of a major political party in America.

In spite of both achievements, the current events on disrespect towards women, travel ban of selected Muslim countries, the Paris climate agreement to the future of the DACA immigrants still portray a great work needed for race and equality in the United of States of America.

For now, again thank you President and Mrs. Obama for your eight years of dedication and leadership.

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